Welcome. You've found this little bird's nest in some corner of the internet where I write about my life and research. My intention is to maintain a creative space where I can share my experiences with friends, family and whom ever is listening. In the process I hope to cultivate an accessible writing style that also makes room for theoretical concerns and questions in ethnomusicology. I am interested in the ways we can actively inspire more everyday conversations about issues relevant to ethno so as not to miss out on all those gems and insights that might encourage us to contemplate further the importance of sound and movement and bodies.

You may see the word "we" instead of "I" quite often in my writing, which most of the time refers to my husband Zack Moon and I. We do this research together, each in our own little universe with equal intensity and interest in the work.

Please feel free to get in touch with me about the site and its content. I encourage you to post or send me comments, even if they are just one solitary word. All feedback will be met with equal gratitude to any and all readership.